Through our cardiovascular research wing, we at Care For Heart are actively working towards developing new and effective treatments for the prevention and cure of cardiovascular disease.

Our role as a committed partner in fighting the debilitating and fatal effects of cardiac events and heart disease can be seen through our continued participation in innovative and path breaking studies in the discipline.

Currently, we are engaged in two major global study and cardiovascular clinical trials aimed at making valuable contributions to the? cardiovascular knowledge and improving the quality and effectiveness of cardiac care for our patients.

Please contact our Care For Heart office to find out more about our research initiatives and how you can participate in the following trials to further scientific discovery.

TRIAL 1 (Study Name: Accelerate)

Sponsor: Eli Lilly

Drug: Evacetrapib

Duration: 1.5-3 yrs

Goal: Raise blood HDL (also called “good” cholesterol)

Criteria for participation:

  • Recent heart attack (within 1 year), or
  • Previous stroke/TIA, or
  • Vascular disease of the legs, or
  • Diabetes with previous heart attack, bypass or stent

TRIAL 2 (Study name: Examine)

Sponsor: Takeda

Drug: Alogliptin

Duration: 2.5-4 yrs

Criteria for participation:

  • Recent heart attack (within 12 weeks) with uncontrolled diabetes