What is it?

Our Chest Pain Clinic gives you rapid access to our professional staff of cardiac specialists and technicians that are trained to swiftly diagnose and effectively treat your chest pain syndromes.

The facility is precisely designed to offer early diagnosis to patients with onset Coronary Artery Disease (CAD) or other heart conditions that are causing you to experience discomfort and pain in your chest.

The Care For Heart team is fully equipped and able to carry out comprehensive exams and evaluations to provide prompt treatments in one session.

What to Expect

  • Thorough assessment of your condition by a designated cardiologist and cardiac nurse specialist.
  • Non-invasive testing of your heart and vascular system to determine the exact cause of your chest pain.
  • Reporting of initial findings and a close study of your medical history and present medication.
  • Measuring of your body stats (blood pressure, heart rate, weight and BMI.)
  • Tailored treatment plans to reduce and cure your symptoms.
  • Detailed information on required lifestyle changes to minimize risk of CAD and other heart diseases.
  • Review and discussion of all medical assessments and tests with your appointed cardiologist.
  • Recommendations on medication and advanced testing – nuclear scans, holter and looper monitoring, angiography, etc – for further treatment.

If required, patients will be informed of any follow-up visits for regular evaluation and monitoring of their condition.

Please call us for more information about this service and find out how Care For Heart can help you live better.