What We Do

The Care For Heart Heart Failure Clinic is a specialized outpatient cardiac facility designed to offer patients with heart failure holistic care and rehab plans for an accelerated recovery and better future.

Our specially-trained staff of cardiac specialists is dedicated towards providing patients with the tools and treatments they need to manage their new lives and lower the risk of future heart problems – allowing you to stay on the path of continued wellness.

How We Do It

Care For Heart offers patients and families:

  • Medical assessments and ongoing assistance to develop therapies and treatment plans tailored to help you meet your health objectives.
  • Counseling and supervised help from cardiac and other healthcare experts to educate you about your heart and overall health.
  • Professional help and training on the various aspects of your disease and powerful lifestyle and self-assessment tips to help sustain your good health and improve your quality of life.
  • A structured and progressive exercise program based on your needs and medical evaluations to help you achieve your goals and realize your true potential.

How You Benefit

The physical activity, counseling, medical assistance and consistent support that you receive from our friendly and professional staff of compassionate caregivers helps you:

  • Achieve measurable improvements in your health
  • Lower risk of future heart disease
  • Control stress and blood pressure
  • Lower cholesterol levels
  • Make effective and sustainable lifestyle changes, and more

Please call in today and find out how you can become an active participant in our Cardiac Rehab program and mend your heart to live better.