What is it?

Nuclear cardiology scans provide cardiologists with information regarding the condition of the heart and help them determine whether you are suffering from any heart damage. This test is carried out with the aid of a radioactive  aterial, a tracer, which is injected into your vein and mapped using a specialized camera.

How It Works

A certified Care For Heart experienced nuclear medicine technologist conducts the test by prepping patients for treatment before using radioactive materials.

You are first injected with a compound substance which helps facilitate the introduction of the tracer into your system. Once the tracer has been inserted into your vein, you are asked to exercise for some time, soon after which images of your heart are taken – using the specialized camera equipment – and the digitally processed pictures and results are forwarded to your respective cardiologist for review and analysis.

Care For Heart offers patients comprehensive cardiovascular consultations and other advanced diagnostic services that aid early detection and treatment of all known and suspected heart conditions.

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